New Milton 1.5 – 2.5 Poole C

Mike M, playing up based on glowing recommendations, and myself found New Milton, found Adam, then find the bar. Tim then appeared and a good spirited start to the season was underway. Mike has a slight edge, but not enough to make it stick and got is underway with a solid draw. A good platform to settle the nerves.


Adam was doing his usual attacking game, I expect no less. He soon had a pawn rammed down his opponents throat and slowly added pressure. There was a last bid for a stalemate but Adam avoided it and secured the win.


Tim and Tim took turns to taunt and threaten, but ultimately there was no way through in an even game.


Finally I had a positional disadvantage leaving a weak h pawn, this was pounced upon but couldn’t be converted to a win, another draw.


That meant Adam had the only win of the night carrying the team to a win in the first match of the season. Well played all, thank you Mike for stepping in.

October 26, 2021