AGM photos 2022

Most of the key players for the Poole Chess Club, well done lads.


Dave Fuller wins Best Individual score in the league winning the Boardman trophy with a score of 6.5/9 = 72.22%

John Weatherlake wins the Chairmans trophy for outstanding contribution for the club

Dave and Dragi with the prize for Poole winning the BDCL  2nd Division

Non Playing Captain Eric Sachs & the team of Zander/Leo/Harry/Steve + others with a score of 4/6 and special mention to the kids in their 1st season at the club. Leo and Zander holding the trophy.


Chip points the finger and nominates John as being the best drinker!

Zander with the trophy for the best improved player of the season

AGM photos and trophy presentation 2019


New Summer Cup presented to last years winner – Tarik


Divison 5 top scorer – Chris Ambrose


Club Championship winner, Major section – Ciprian


Divison 3 top scorer – Adam Jaggard


Chairman’s Trophy Plate


2019 winner – Tarik

AGM trophies and photos 2018

Chairman’s Trophy Plate

2018 winner – Ciprian Stanciu

Chairman’s trophy – this is a newly created trophy generated by Eric Sachs the current Chairman and will be awarded to any club member who had given exceptional time and effort to the club as well as any one team. It is not confined to Grade.

There were 3 exceptional candidates in the first year namely Tarik and Steve Bailey but the award and plate for the first year is given to Ciprian for his outstanding work to the club and the Chairman for all his support and contribution for the season.



Winning Handicap Knock out Team of Toby Miller, Chip Stanciu with the winning shield, Adam Jaggard, Christine Roberts, David Fuller, Dragi Popovic (back), Mike Duggan and Richard Smith

Next, Dorset County Divison 3 Winning team of Toby Miller, Adam Jaggard, Eric Sachs, Captain Tarik Reghif with the winning shield, Dragi Popovic, Tim McCullagh and Richard Smith

Next, 4th Divison Winning team of Richard Smith and Captain Chris Ambrose

Winning team of the B & D League 1st Division for 2017/8 season.

From the left – Non Playing captain Eric Sachs, David Fuller, Dragi Popovic and  Mike Duggan

Club displaying show of silverware both externally and internally at the 2018 AGM

From the left: Richard Smith, Paul Trowbridge, David Lockwood, Graham Morris, Tarik Reghif, Tim McCullagh, Toby Miller, Christine Roberts, Don Hewson, Dragi Popovic, Eric Sachs, Derek Chapman, Mike Duggan, Chip Stanciu, David Fuller, Alan Davies, Steve Bailey, John Weatherlake and Chris Ambrose

Alf Bullock Board

Alf Bullock was Treasurer of Poole Chess Club from its foundation in 1999 until 2010 when he had to step down to do health reasons. Before that he held positions in Parkstone Chess Club and was a major contributor to chess in Poole and the wider area. His contributions can not be underestimated. After his death, his chess board was donated to the club and has since been a trophy for the best contribution to the chess club in terms of game results.

Past Winners:
2012/13 M. Machacek

2013/14 C. Stanciu
2014/15 S. Patterson
2015/16 C. Stanciu
2016/17 S. Rider

2017/18 R. Smith


Thor Anderson Trophy

Thor Anderson was part of the Norwegan merchant navy and was in Cyrus when Norway were invaded. Thor immediately joined the British Navy where he worked his way up to Commander of a Minesweeper.
When he died his wife bought a bronze trophy in his memory to be awarded to the most improved player (by grade).

Past Winners:
2005 M.J. Goodwin
2006 T.W.B Miller
2007 M. Rutter
2008 P. Wood
2009 D. Lockwood
2010 D.L. Hewson
2011 S. Patterson
2012 C.A. Roberts
2013 V. Platt
2014 C.J.F. Ambrose
2015 J. Brown
2016 H. Makawitage
2017 S. Rider

2018 J. Weatherlake

B.D.H. Individual Chess Trophy

Awarded to the winner of the club knockout.

Past Winners:
1994 A.G. Stout
1995 A. Bullock
1996 B. Walker
1997 T. Sherring
1998 T. Sherring
1999 B. Walker & M.Litchfield
2002 T.H. Thompson
2003 B. Walker
2004 D.L. Hewson
2005 M.J. Goodwin
2006 C.J.F. Ambrose
2007 D.L. Hewson
2008 D.F. Burt
2010 E.N. Sachs
2011 P. Wood
2012 M. Rutter
2013 C. Stanciu
2014 P. Wood
2016 O. Garcia (major), E. Sachs (intermediate), A. Reid (minor)
2017 C. Stanciu (major), T. Regif (intermediate), A. Jaggard (minor)

2018 M. Duggan (major), E. Sachs (intermediate), R. Smith (minor)