Poole Chess Club in its current incarnation was formed in 1999 as the merger of Parkstone Chess Club and Merck Chess Club.

The origins can be traced back to 29th November 1928 when Mr C.J Chapman, Mr W.H. Curtis, Captain P.H. di Marco, Mr H.J. Bastable and Mr Curtis Smith met to discuss the forming of a chess club.

Throughout this time the club has merged with a previous Poole Chess Club, seen a split to create B.D.H Chess Club which then became Merck, and a merger of the same two clubs to create Poole Chess Club.

The club has hosted many events such as simultaneous matches against Russian master Eugene Znosko-Borovsky and the world’s first woman’s chess champion Vera Menchik.

If you know any notable facts in the history of chess in Poole then please get in touch. We are currently on the look out for missing minute books from the original Poole Chess Club (which probably go up to 1960, but unsure of when they started).