Another success in the fortnightly team battles last night when our online team managed to win again to take our overall success to 7 wins vs other local teams.  Southbourne are 2nd in the  chasing pack with 4 wins.  Nice to be top over the Xmas period with this furious and fast 5 + 3 minute time control for games.

Congratulations to all those that took part not only those that made up the 4 winning scores – John W, Richie. Richard Allis  and Oscar. Also doing their best our most recent recruit Tony Sanderson (Human Plumber) who scored a creditable 16 points plus  Kyristoff, Simon and Adam. For those not aware the average grade is around 1800 so the competition is fierce and anyone that plays has a chance of taking points from others much stronger even if you your final score is not our top four scores.

We have a pool of about 8-12 players that take part when possible and the matches are fornightly on a Monday night. Any one can play regardless of grade so all are welcome to join in.


Currently being in Tier 2 the club is closed at the moment but for those not aware we did have a small window in September and October when we met on Friday night’s in the bar at the Legion. All protocols were observed and we played on separate tables.   Numbers  of those attending were building up prior to the November lockdown so hopefully in the New Year  or not too distant future we may be in a position to resume and I will let you know accordingly when we can continue.

Now that the vaccine is round the corner and being positive we all will be able to return to some air of normality by the spring or early summer it is a good and encouraging feeling.

Our club will return to active meetings and pick up from before when members are ready to return in their own time.

In the meantime the online scene is active for those that wish to play and you can look at the www.Dorsetchess site for almost daily online matches if you wish. Martin Simons is also issueing a newsletter to keep all abreast of activities and all things local chess on a weekly basis.



Just to share with you for those not aware we continue to support our Junior chess scene. We resumed over the board Saturday morning sessions at the Elstead hotel during October which was very well supported and it was truly great to see the kids running in again (with masks) and learning and playing chess. Once the lockdown started in November we returned to the online chess games with the kids on Saturday mornings and this again has been very well supported. On average we have 12-14 that play regularly every Saturday and we are currently running a Xmas competition with prizes. Many thanks to Graham especially who runs the www.bournemouthjuniorchess site and also Steve and Simon who also join in and play.

We plan to return to the Elstead which offer excellent facilities for this in the new Year.


It is a shame similar to so many other events we will not be able to have a Xmas get together this year, but working on the assumption its an exception I am sure once things get back to normal we will be able to do something next year.

In the meantime I wish you all a safe and Merry Xmas and compliments of the season.




December 8, 2020