Winning start to team victory at the Ringwood forum last night


We had a successful start in coming 1st in the team event on the Ringwood Forum last night. For details look at Lichess .com/community/teams/Poole chess club and Ringwood forum.

Well done to Richard/David/John/Chip/Adam/Jamie/Tarik/Kyrzstoff and Joe.

Our next event is next Thursday 11/6 at 7pm in a match vs Wimborne. To date, we have 17 Poole members that have registered (Lichess) but would like all members that wish to play register. Once you are registered then you will be sent a notice of any future events. You can and I hope you will continually view Poole chess club on Lichess to see any updates of matches. You can of course, challenge anyone listed within our members or any random matches on the wider site.

David Fuller has posted a guideline on how to register and once you register you need to advise him or me who you are if you use a nickname as we only want club members on our site.

For those that have not registered or played , you may not all be fans of online chess however it seems it will be the prime substitute whilst the current situation continues. I really hope you will nearly all register as a starting point and see if there are types of games you can and will enjoy. Remember, you can set the time control for any time you wish including long games equal or more to usual BDCL controls.

Try and register before next Thursday 11/6 and see if you can enjoy the challenge. We have set the time control at 10 minutes + 3 second incremental time per game which gives players more time to think.

Please contact David Fuller for any IT assistance on any issues (not me).

Personally, I find online chess a compromise but not the real thing.

I miss the connection with the club, meeting people, watching the drama of the evening unfold, the competitions and of course the camaraderie that we have developed over the years.

I hope you all are keeping well and staying safe as hopefully we are coming out of the virus and can hopefully resume some air of normal life.

All the best


June 5, 2020