Wimborne D v Poole D

Poole D travelled to Wimborne for our penultimate match of the season.

3 team members down, panic started to set in that I wouldn’t be able to field a team. However, the ever present and reliable Zander joined us once again.

Steve Bailey then came to the rescue to complete my team.

After a day of sailing at Rockley Park, it was inevitable that Steve’s match on board 4 against George would be the final game to finish.

Steve fought valiantly, but it was not enough to overcome George’s positional, and material advantage. In the final 30 minutes of the game, George was two pieces up with a pawn advancing down the board.
Steve was unable to stop the pawn from promoting, and the subsequent checkmate to follow saw George confirming the match result at 3-1 to Wimborne.

Well done George and Steve on a hard fought game.

Wins for Wimborne on boards 1 and 2. Well done to both Nathanial and Stuart.

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on either as I was too occupied with my own game against Mike Davidson on board 3.

It seemed that our game was destined for a draw, however, neither I nor Mike wanted to offer said draw with Poole D two points down, and George’s winning position on 4, we both played on.

My queen and Knight were both pinned to the defence of two pawns and Mike was manoeuvring his knight around the queenside to attempt to win a pawn.

My king came over to help out. I managed to force the queens off of the board and Mike’s knight was trapped. I went into the endgame a Knight up and a further advanced king. I managed to win my first game of the season in what has been a very competitive league.

Congratulations Wimborne on your deserved win which moved you to the top of the league.

In division 4, one game remains; Poole D are hosting Bournemouth C in the final game of the season. A win or draw for Bournemouth would see them crowned champions.

May 5, 2022