Wimborne D 1.5 – 2.5 Poole C

Another interesting match for Poole C last night at Wimborne. After a journey in the Matko Magic Bus to get there, we felt like royalty to be greeted by a freshly painted and redecorated Merley club.

On board 2 Zander had an uncertain game with castling on opposite sides. Looked like his king was in some danger but he defended well for a draw.

I played an English on board 1 and with my opponent castling on the Queen side managed to get some activity against his king. Unfortunately the computer told me today that I missed a winning line instead going into an endgame a pawn up but not enough to win. So another draw.

Ellis won a piece when his opponent missed a fork and also missed how to get the piece back. With queens still on it took a bit of patience but he got a kingside attack going and won the game.

So (as usual) it was all of us watching Tim as both he and his opponent went down to 5 minutes each on the clock. (Hint: that can happen if you take over 2 hours for the first 10 moves.) With Tim’s king a bit open it looked dangerous for a while, but good defense exchanged down to a draw.

2.5 to 1.5 for Poole. Thanks to Wimborne, and with 4 to play we remain just behind Ringwood, so all to play for.

Report by Andy

February 18, 2023