Wimborne C vs Poole B County Div 3, Wed 6th Nov

On the road to Wimborne, again! This time to face the stronger ‘C’ team, same team of John, Dragi, Jamie and yours truly, that beat the ‘D’ team last month.

Just to make sure Dragi wasn’t late, I played at Taxi service taking John as well.

Jamie was obviously keen to get back home early, as he quickly won a piece and then mopped up a few more buttons and was off home with mum and brother Jake before I’d finished my Guinness. 1- 0 to us.

I had a solid position and actually offered a draw after about 30 moves, my opponent umm and ahhh’d then decided to play on a couple more moves. I guess I broke his concentration because shortly after that I won a Bishop, then another Bishop, Queen for a Rook, Rook for a Bishop, when was he going to resign I thought, well after move 49 he waved the white flag, 2 – 0 to us.

Dragi, always in control, got into an endgame with both having pawns and a Knight each, you don’t mess with Dragi in the endgame……..3 – 0

John, having already had a tough match on Monday, had a rush to get home 2 minutes before I arrived to pick him up, armed with his tea in a carrier bag, well looked after by Maggie, not ideal preparation to play on board one, but, last to finish, he fought out a hard earned draw. So 3 ½ – ½ to Poole, great, 2nd win for us.

The trip back was fraught with danger as the rain was lashing down, rivers and lakes on the road, bow waves that would have sunk a small boat, I’m thinking, I need an amphibious car! Mercifully we all got home safely.

Good luck to John and Richie for the weekend who are playing for Wessex in the 4NCL rounds at Maidenhead/Windsor.

Graham Morris

November 8, 2019