Weekly Workshops

This week was the first in our series of workshops. Ellis showed a few interesting positions which highlighted some key principles which are too often overlooked in the heat of battle.

Discussions were flowing from the very first position on the screen but with ideas converging on the best move and an understanding of why. In that case it was how you can use one pawn to neutralise two and simplify the calculations.

Several members have already signed up to focus on different areas, if you feel you’re able to share or contribute in whatever way, then please get in touch with Ellis.

After a few positions and discussion there was still plenty of time for some games.

Come along over summer for more workshops to help improve your skills, or help others improve. All skill levels welcome. There’s a good crowd to collaborate over a drink.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, it’s a large venue and games can still continue while this is in progress.

Hope to see you at the club, 7:30 start every Monday.

June 1, 2023