Valentine ‘s night match

You have seen the cartoon of the Bishops knocking out the Knights with a score of 4.5/1.5 which was by coincidence a complete reverse of the first match score in January so overall all honours even. This win take the Bishops to the top of the Bacchus league with 6 points having played a game more than Highcliffe. The Knights are also close with 5 points so all to play for the last 3 matches of the season.

The Knights were short on 2 boards as two players dropped out in the last 24 hours – shame. So subs were obtained at very short notice and we thank Shourya ( Yr 7) and Yash ( Yr 5) for filling in. It was their first serious match.

So at 7.30 hands were shaken and it was eyes down. Before you could say Jiminy Cricket Jamie Doyle was seen rushing down the stairs with his winning score sheet having won in about 14 moves and it was only 7.50. 1-0 Bishops.

Not long after Felix was charging¬† into his opponent’s fragile defence and soon after – 2-0 Bishops, I think it was 8.05. Me thinks are the boys on a later Valentine’s date? um um

Heads down again and the Bishops seemed to in charge in 2 of the remaining 4 boards. Erstwhile on Bd 1 where Steve had a decent position against Graham made the mistake of castling Q side and a few moves later the position crumbled and Bobs your uncle the Knights have pulled one back. 2-1 Bishops..

Never mind Jack was mopping on Bd 6 and Teo was doing the same on Bd 3, eventually both won and 2-1 became 4-1.

Finally there was an intriguing endgame between Harry year (yr 13) and Josh (yr 8) who was at least half the size of his opponent with Harry a pawn up in a rook and pawn endgame. No pressure then really, but try as he did and he did his best Harry to could not find a way through and hands were shaken .

Final score 4.5/1.5 Bishops Рthink it was 9.10pm Рno mention of Valentines from those last boards but a pleasure to see 10 Juniors playing league chess for the first time. Commiserations to Tarik who has done so much to bring his team of the Knights  on and well done to my Bishops team for playing well and turning the first match reverse round.


February 15, 2019