Update and local chess news

Since the last posting on the 18/3 which seems ages we all know things are serious so I hope all our club members, family and friends are keeping safe and protecting themselves and of course others.

If you or anyone in the club needs any assistance and is struggling please contact me and I will do anything I can do to help.

There are several online chess initatives going on and Martin Simons has posted some on the www.dorsetchess web site including the puzzle of the day…

Puzzle / Game of the day

Martin has also asked all local chess players to try and make a contribution of news/history/any local chess news to the site. Please look at the www.dorset chess site for details.

Today there is a feature on our own David Burt who has given great contribution to local chess over the last 50 years! We have others, namely Don Hewson, Derek Chapman and Chris Ambrose.

Some of our players are playing online chess site on the Ringwood forum through www. lichess.com on Wednesday evenings and Friday pm sessions if anyone is interested please contact Martin Clancy whom is the organiser.

I am playing a little on chess.com and have played Steve Bailey and Simon Fox so if anyone would like a bit of fun.

I have asked Tarik if he could look at setting up our own forum – I understand this is in progress. If anyone else would like to do this please feel free but let me know and I will try to help.

In the meantime through the lock-down we have social media/chess sites and many things open to us to pass the time so keep in touch through any means possible and maybe see you on the various out posts!

Stay safe.



April 2, 2020