The kids on the block secure their 1st win of the season

I am pleased to issue a belated report on last Thursday’s match when our Juniors playing for the Bishops won the 1st Bacchus game of the season 2.5 vs 1.5 Wimborne.

Jamie promoted to the E teamĀ  this season on Bd 1 won an interesting game playing the Fried Liver and immediately had an advantage by winning a piece against Phil Holden. Phil countered with a strong attack on the F file but could not break through and finally succumbed to the inevitable defeat, 1-0 Bishops.

On Bd 4 Dylan making his debut for the club broke had an excellent game when he broke through on the K side with pieces and a pawn on the H file threatening to Q backed by pieces with an exposed K. His opponent ‘s position crumbled and he took the sensible and least painful approach by resigning.2-0 Bishops. Dylan had taken 9 minutes on his clock- must slow down!

Mean while on Bd 2 Josh playing Sam Walker had a decent position until his Bishops got stuck on the Q side and ran out of escape squares. Sam built a strong attack behind this major advantage and then attacked the weak F file and finished in style. Good execution Sam so 2-1 overall.

So with the Bishops just needing a draw Jack was doing well in a 50/50 position with chances for both until he missed a tactic and before you can Bob’s your uncle his position and pieces had crumbled. However with time running out Phil Atkinson struggling to finish off Jack he allowed a stalemate with a huge material advantage. A huge let off for us and well done Jack in just hanging on.

So the match finished 2.5/1.5 Poole Bishops. The average of our team was 12/5 years old so very well done boys and onwards and upwards.

October 8, 2019