Summer Activity

Summer is here, and the chess is still going.

Firstly, let me know if you want to join the summer competition. It will be a Swiss-like system where you’ll get paired with someone of similar strength and given 2 weeks to complete the game. Ideally 1hr each at the club, but with both parties agreeing it could be longer, rapid, or even online. Send me a message if you want to join it.

Secondly we have workshops going on. There have been good numbers and even better discussions as we look at various things and can hopefully bring them into our game. All skills have been attending and able to get something out of it.

There are still casual games going on as well. Either during or after the workshop. There’s no expectation or compulsion for everyone to join in, if you want a game then come on down, existing members or new members alike.

June 9, 2023