Steve Bailey Good Luck Evening 28 June

We would play a fun 960 doubles knockout tournament for the purpose of collecting a bit of extra money for Steve before he leaves for West Indies.
1. General 960 Fisher chess rules
2. The game is played by teams consisting of two players (example : tennis doubles)
3. Teams are put together by a random draw
4. Players in a team make 2 moves in succession (example : 2 moves by player 1, 2 moves by player 2, 2 moves by player 1, ….)
5. Time control 10 min
– Everyone taking part bring something small for the prize pot (chess book or whatever else)
– Contributions for Steve are on voluntary basis
– everybody gets a prize
– winners get to chose the prize first
And thank you for the support
This event will  be run by Dragi Popovic so any questions to him and hope you will support the evening.

June 22, 2018