Ringwood 3 – 1 Poole C

Ringwood, always a lovely place to visit. We rock up and instead of 64 squares we’re presented with 6 pockets. Fresh from watching the UK snooker championship we’re tempted to the change of sport, but I quickly realise my limitations – mainly that I struggle to reach the table. Instead we are intercepted by our ever delightful host and made to feel at home in the new cosy corner of the pub.

Soon the teams were assembled and we looked at the team sheet. 76 points between the two teams, never mind, we were underdogs in division 3, we’re used to it.

Dragi was playing board 1 facing the brunt of the grading difference, 46 points behind on that board alone. Dragi gave it a good fight, but was soon behind on material. He had a couple of attacks but was unable to get anything from them, with the material difference it was then too much to ask and the first point went to Ringwood.

Next was Simon P, I went over when my game was in a vicious stage, and none of the pieces had ventured to the other side! How can you expect to win without a nice sacrifice and charge?! Soon this game went to Ringwood, 2-0 to the home team.

Next was my game, another match against Rob Davenport. He managed to snatch a pawn on the King side, but this was an opportunity for attack. With material level, time was running low, it then came down to the winner being the person who makes the second to last mistake. Fortunately for me I blundered the exchange before a whole Rook was given back under tight time pressure. One of those games that would loved to have seen played out without the clock.

This heeped pressure upon Eric who was in the final stages against Niall, with the win needed and a draw not good enough, he had a huge task and fell under the flag with a Queen glairing at his King.

3-1 to Ringwood, a good showing against a stronger team. Well played all.

December 11, 2018