Purbeck v Poole B – County Div 3

I feel like a paper back writer as my latest report from me to you is about our County Div 3 match against table toppers Purbeck, yesterday.

Picking up John, Dragi and Mike Minvalla who all had a ticket to ride, again in the wind and rain.

I asked them to help win this crucial game, which would please please me and the club.

So our magical mystery tour began, hoping with a little help from my friends that we can work it out and get back to Poole with a win.

John and Dragi’s games come together very quickly and we’re 2 nil up. Your scribe, spent the night before brushing up on the Sicilian, but I should have known better, as I lost a pawn and the helter skelter began. I tried to act naturally but I knew I’m down and I’m a loser.

Mike had a blocked position, offered a draw but got no reply at first, but after careful consideration a draw was agreed, which meant let it be a win for us. Yes!

We bid our opponents hello goodbye and I drive my car back to Poole, just a day in the life really. It was a hard days night, but I feel fine.

Thanking the boys they said, any time at all.

Top of the pops, but how many of the 27 Beatle songs did you spot?

Graham Morris
February 25, 2020