Purbeck purr like a kitten.

A disappointing home night for our County div 3 Poole B team, who were playing Purbeck B, for a top of the table clash.

Uncharacteristically, Dragi on board 1, suffered an early loss in position and subsequently the game in 18 moves.

Adam, board 2, fought hard to earn a well earned draw. Jamie struggled against a 30 point grading difference on board 4, eventually conceding.

Last to finish, with the team already facing defeat, was Simon Patterson, who battled on for personal pride, winning an end game shoot out with Kings and pawns. Simon queened a pawn just before his opponent and began to harass Whites King. His opponent refusing to be allowed to be check mated, sat there and let his clock flag, loosing on time, not very sporting like, but well done Simon.

Our next match is against tonight’s opponents but on their home turf, I will need a strong team to defeat this motley crew.

January 31, 2020