PooleA v Southbourne A

PooleA 2.5-1.5 SouthbourneA

You may be pleased to know that, unlike my usual semi-diatribes, this will be a short sharp report for this short sharp match. The fat lady was singing by 9.30pm and so there was plenty of time for detailed analysis (?) in the bar.

Poole: Oscar, Mike, myself, Dragi (consistent selection!) were paired against Southbourne: Martin Simons, Russell Pegg, James Forster (who looks almost as young as me) and Jon Catchpole.

Martin noted before play that only a couple of grading points was the difference between the teams. The clocks were started…

Martin (W) v Oscar is soon equal and a sterile position results. It is no surprise that a draw is agreed, and I am hardly out of my opening preparation (so you see how quick the game finished!).

Dragi v Jon starts in the usual fashion (1.d4… 2. off for a smoke) which amuses Jon. However on Dragi’s return the moves are bashed out at a furious pace and Dragi soon finds himself two pawns to the good in a Rooks and opposite colour Bishop ending. The phrase ‘it is just technique’ can be used a bit early at our level, but with an hour left on the clocks Jon can’t prevent Dragi converting the full point. Impressive stuff, the game complete within two hours and half of that was ‘cigarette break’!

James v myself is a strange game. My Dutch Defence to James’s d4/c4/Nc3/Bg5/Qc2/e3 setup. b6/Bb7 looked good from my side but I lost my way a bit and White had an edge. At about the time of Dragi’s ‘its just technique’ moment, James played a slightly weakening d5 missing an equalising response accompanied by a draw offer which he accepted.

Mike v Russell looked an excellent game with Mike getting a good position against Russell’s Pirc (how do you pronounce that?). Not sure how, but Mike won a central pawn and then Eddie and Freddie (e and f pawns don’t you know) started marching Kingwards. Mike was using up his time though and with 8mins left and 15 or so moves before the time control took the practical decision to offer a draw (to win the match), even though with a big plus. Russell accepted and subsequent analysis seemed suggest a clear win for White (Nxf7 was mentioned).

So a close fought match between two closely matched teams and another 2.5-1.5 win for Poole.

It’s always nice welcoming Southbourne to the club and everyone was in good spirits (except James was a bit quiet, but that was probably to do with his A-level studies… now that takes me back…a long long way back. Good luck with those James).

I would just like to say that a trademark of Poole matches this year has been the Teamwork. A bit like Arsenal (as was)… score a goal, solid defence, win one-nil, sometimes win ugly. Mike especially has taken two draws to secure the match win when playing on would have certainly seen the full point. I put the team spirit down to the post-match bar-room analysis myself.

Who is next? PooleB!


PS. When I said it would be a short report, I lied.

David Fuller
November 24, 2017