Poole Patzers – Four Nations Chess League (4NCL)

For those of you not in the loop the Four Nations Chess League hosts the top teams from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Having missed out on promotion last year (by the narrowest of margins) Poole have rebranded, regrouped and have strengthened the squad already.

We now have a titled player within our ranks as well as fresh talent coming through, however we are always on the look out for more participants as well as reserves to help on our quest.

Please find the Division 4 dates below and let me know if you might be available (or unavailable) for any.

Unfortunately the venues are slightly further than last year but I really hope this will not put people off too much. We are currently in the process of searching for funding which could potentially help considerably in numerous ways!

The format remains the same as last year with one game on the Saturday (14:00) and one game on the Sunday (11:00). After which the car-pools will return as soon as each car is filled.

Division Four games are 6 board matches, so we generally try and travel in two cars whenever possible. Please note that the final (bank holiday) weekend has an additional day’s play. We will then be returning on the Monday at 11:00.

Further information is available at www.4ncl.co.uk but I will happily help and answer any further questions you might have.

I have provided a summary of the room rates below which are still supported by ‘Guaranteed Events’ and remain competitive and include a good breakfast. Most of us travel up on the Saturday morning thereby just requiring one nights stay. However, the same rates are available to competitors should they prefer any additional nights. (The extra distance might make this the more practical choice to prevent fatigue).

We are generally a flexible lot so you can share a room should you prefer to keep the costs down.

Travel costs will of course be divided equally wherever possible.

Board Fees of £3.75 per game may also be applicable to cover the initial team entry fee of £250.

Leaving the evening team meals as the only other significant expense, but we try to keep things simple and will always go with the status quo.

I am confident (but not complacent) regarding our promotion potential out of division four this year. However there appears to be quite a few new teams who no doubt will share our strength and aspirations.

I will of course keep you all posted should we achieve any financial assistance / sponsorship. Which I see could make all the difference in attracting that extra player that we might well require to reach division three and then on division two.

Here’s to a good season for all!

I look forward to hearing from you.

John Weatherlake

4NCL Team Captain


October 17, 2022