Poole Knights 2.5 – 1.5 Wimborne

Nice to see an eager Wimborne team coming down to visit us in Poole. We had e-mailed saying we couldn’t find a 4th player so could we play 3 v 3, however Wimborne had players who wanted matches so asked if we could field someone slightly over 100 grade to make up the numbers so Chris filled in at 102 on the night of the Queen’s Pawn openings (Every game featured d4 and/or d5 in the opening few moves).

First game to finish was Harry against Paul. Paul started with a defensive opening, fianchettoing his Bishop on the King side and castling in behind it. Harry took the extra time to set up a powerful attack and soon the protecting Pawns were gone leaving the King very exposed. Some aggressive but well controlled play brought home the win and the first point of the match.

Graham had what looked to be a very even match against Phil and managed to convert it to a win for 2-0.

Chris was playing a very even game against a very strong Sam, with the pieces even and the position similar, a draw was agreed to take us over the winning line of 2.5 points.

Samuel was playing a very good game with an excellent positional opening, but one mistake left his position all out of whack. He fought on admirably but unfortunately it was already gone.

Well played all, some excellent chess on display.

Final score was Poole Knights 2.5 – 1.5 Wimborne

November 22, 2018