Poole F go down to Purbeck 1.5/2.5 in Divison 5 match 9/11/17

In an interesting match our players  just failed to hold their own in a tough match against Purbeck whom were well represented on all boards.

Captain Steve (67) Bd 4 had a solid game game against Brain Beard (60) where he gained an advantage with his rooks coming down on open files in between a pawn blockade but was forced to exchange and a draw was agreed.

On Bd 2 Matt Austin (est 80) achieved his 1st win of the season with an exciting open play against Paul Stanley (86)  to over come his opponent and gain the win. Well done Matt and am sure this is just the start of success.

Meanwhile Don Hewson (88) Bd 1 was struggling against an ungraded player Nicolas Stout(est 120) and went down in a hard evening for Don.

So 1.5/1.5 with David Lockwood (78) Bd 3 in an interesting position playing Chris Frost (74) had an equal position but allowed his opponent’s knight to take control of the F6 square which resulted in a pin. David tried to attack the queen but  missed a check which allowed the Q to escape and  went heavy material down, thus the game was over. (lesson in accurate assessment when your Q is under threat and getting the Q to a safe and active square).

Congratulations to Purbeck for the win and better luck to Steve and the team in the next match.



November 12, 2017