Poole F go down to a strong Southbourne team in their first game of the season

On a quiet night at the Poole chess club our F team started their season with a semi depleted team through absence without leave and injuries on the bench. No subs allowed here during the full 90 minutes!

The match started in earnest and Captain Steve had to wait for his opponent arriving 20 minutes late who announced he had taken a tour of the Poole suburbs and areas not I am supposed to mention here! So the match commenced and the quiet noise of the clocks could only be heard above some sighs and some un even breathing.

I only went away from the arena and upon returning I saw Paul Towbridge’s position upon up like the sea of Galilea which lead to a swap off of major pieces and although Paul tried all was all but lost 0-1 Southbourne.

On to Board 1 and Chris Ambrose fresh from his first win the previous night carried on in fine form to grind out a good win against Ken Dixon. Apologies to Chris from the writer who did not see the winning position. 1-1

On Bds 3 and 4 we were struggling and despite brave efforts from sub Derek Chapman and Captain Steve this was not looking good for the home team. I thought about releasing the fire alarm or creating an act of God but he ho its only the beginning of the season for these guys and we all know about the Poole ability to recover!

Without too much ado – Southbourne E were comfortable winners and quickly hurried back to the safe haven of the West Cliff and all areas east Dorset! Well done Southbourne.

For the home team, hard luck and their will be other opportunities to get points and move through the table.



November 2, 2018