Poole F and Poole B complete their season

Poole F completed their season with a narrow 1.5/2.5 defeat at Highcliffe C on 30/4. Captain Steve Bailey said the team had done very well since the turn of the year and the introduction of Kyrzstoff Itrich and really helped the team. Also a special mention of Paul Trowbridge who has played  in nearly all  games and has scored above average for the team.Despite being  out graded in all matches they have scored 3 wins and 2 draws from 10 matches, highly credible. Well done all the F team in your 1st season on the League.

Our B Team playing in the 1st Division for the first time have finished the season with a score of 3 wins and 3 draws from 10 matches. The target was to survive in the 1st Division and this has been achieved in a comfortable position and relegation was never seriously threatened. I have just about recovered from their 3/4 points win over our A team over the Christmas period!

This is a credit to all the team and especially Captain Chip who has guided the team through all the clear and muddy waters to achieve this goal, the team owes much to Chip. Also special mention to John Weatherlake who’s grade accelerated to 191 in the January listing and thus had to take the mantle of Bd 1 from then on and has done so in great style.

Details of the final match played against Southbourne A were reported yesterday.


May 9, 2018