Poole D Winning Ways begin here

First match of the season and we already need reserves! However, the very pleasant  surrounding had us all in a good mood and ready to do business. On paper this could be an easy win for us but nobody had told them and battle ensued. Eric ground out a draw, Tony enjoyed a good win and Mike Minvalla unfortunately lost on time, many thanks to him for filling our vacancy. So the score stand at 1 1/2 each with it all to play for. What seemed like hours later and after several offers of a draw from the home side, and no less than 71 moves (thx to Tony for recording the last few for me) Mike R finally found the winning moves that coincided with the last seconds on his opponents clock. Bit gruelling but a win is a win. 2 1/2   1 1/2 let’s hope for more of the same in the coming season.

Michael Rutter
September 16, 2019