Poole D vs Bournemouth D

Both Bournemouth C and D had travelled to Poole for league games this evening.
Unfortunately for Bournemouth D, the C team poached their Board 1 to play on Board 4 in the 3rd division.
Unfortunately for Anthony, he had the daunting task of facing an in form Leo on board 2.

Leo went on to find a nice mate in 2 sequence with a bishop and queen working together on f6 and h5 respectively. g6 was pinned by Leo’s rook on g1, and there was no escaping mate on h8.
Hard luck Anthony. Well done Leo. 1-0.

Tony won on board 3 after winning a piece relatively early on. Well done Tony. 2-0.

I faced Alex’s french on board 4. The queen’s on b3 were exchanged early on. I was able to apply pressure on the queenside after taking control of the c file.
My pressure paid off when I won the b and a pawn. I then sacked a rook for a knight and bishop.
My remaining rook and bishops were able to support my advancing b pawn down the board, and down on material, Alex resigned.
Great game Alex, good luck for the rest of the season. 3-0.

Mike Rutter played the black pieces on 1 against Joe.
I will be honest, I spent most of my time watching Ellis, Zander and Tim for the C team as they all had some exciting positions.

Not to say that this game wasnt exciting :), but I didn’t see much of it, therefore cannot comment.
Mike went on to win and complete a good night for Poole. 4-0.

As always, the score never reflects the true nature of the games.
Bournemouth were down on grading points, and missing their board 1 but still made it a fun, friendly, and competitive match. Thank you.


Well done Zander on forcing that draw – your opponent was really kicking himself. Great result.

Well done Ellis, I really liked how you used your rook in the endgame to force promotion. Your opponent was holding on for dear life and didn’t have any hope.

Well done Tim – That was my game of the evening. Tense and exciting. Really well played. It did not look like an easy endgame to play.

January 10, 2023