Poole D 3 vs 1 Southbourne C – Divison 3 – 4/10/18


Simon Fox took over business on board one against Michael Litchfield, with a grading of 139 he had to be shown some respect. The game got off to a typical d4 passive opening and to be honest things didn’t really get much better. Michael tried an early threat with his queen but this was easily dealt with and there may have been chances for black but they weren’t that obvious (not to Simon anyway) and with no one willing to take much of a risk the game was agreed a draw at about move 15 which gave Simon an early night. As Eric noted it must be Simon’s forth draw on the bounce but at least it is not a loss.

As time went on, Board 2 (Stephen Chappell) who recently returned from Turkey and was looking rested and ready for action, gained a second draw from David Bryant a higher graded opponent.

As more time went on, Adam who is having a good start to the season and taking points from very good players, claimed a win over John Harris and put Poole D in the driving seat with 2 points out of 3! and a game still playing.

For my own game on board 4 my opponent, David Arorash, came out fighting and so I waited to pick off any pieces that became over extended, but he kept on coming and then I am a pawn down and trying to get a draw so that we can win the match. He was having none of it and was going for the win. Eventually the prospect of running out of time for the both of became more and more pressing and with probably no more than 30 seconds left on my clock, his flag went down. I think the term is ‘skin of my teeth’ but a win is a win and we won the match 3 points to 1. Roll on Highcliffe!

Report by Simon Fox and Captain Mike Rutter

October 5, 2018