Poole Chess Club Online – lichess.org

Hi All,

I have created Poole Chess Club on lichess.org, a free and very good online chess site. Martin Clancy has done something similar for Ringwood. Please do join. When I find out from Martin how to setup competitions, I will do so. Any suggestions to davidmfuller99@gmail.com or through my WhatsApp. I was thinking of arranging a weekly 5+3 Blitz, perhaps Thursday evenings?

To join:
> Access lichess.org and create a profile. Create a daft username by all means but do add your name inside the profile so we know who are.
> Access Community/Teams and search for Poole Chess Club. Join! There is a forum to make sarcastic comments if that is your thing.
> I will approve the join request. I have also added John Weatherlake to approve joinees as well as John was the most responsible member on the list (!!!?).

You will then see who is online and can challenge.

Feedback to me as above.


David Fuller
April 18, 2020