Poole C move to Joint Leaders with narrow win over Highcliffe B in Division 3

After a rocky start to the season Poole C having lost the first two games have made an excellent recovery and are now joint leaders with Wimborne D with this latest win.

Highcliffe B started the match with a board short and despite fighting very hard through the evening finally could not overcome this deficit.

On Bd 2 yours truly playing an up and coming Adam Ursell (only at 6th form) had to be on full guard to fend of a K side attack. Both players started the game slowly in a Scillian defence with pieces developed but strangely quiet. Black (Adam) took the initiative on H5 with a Q move but did not quite have enough to burst through. Pieces were exchanged and then Black moved into  a counter attack with a R, KN and pawns attacking the slightly weaker position. Black finally succumbed when a Kn had almost run out of moves and was facing a Pawn fork of the K and Q. Black gave up the Knight but was still lost with the opening of the position and resigned.

Well played Adam and I am sure you will be back very soon.

Meanwhile on B3 Simon Patterson looked quite safe through the opening and middle game against Robert Halse and the position looked very even. However one mistake by Simon resulted in a loss of a Rook and thus the game so 0-1 in this game and now the score was 2-1.

The final game on Bd 4 between the ever reliable Mike Rutter and Jan van Heekeren. The game  was very even as Jan had to get a result in order to share the match. The end game was slightly better for Mike with a Pawn advantage but at least in an equal position and this was enough to secure the draw, the match was won for Poole 2.5/1.5.

In the final analysis Highcliffe fought very hard playing 3 vs 4 and did themselves proud. For Poole, it was about crossing the line which was achieved. Well done to all the C team including Simon Fox who turned up and had to wait for an hour without an opponent to play.

Onward and upwards.

February 23, 2018