Poole C 3 – 1 Wimborne C

With Dragi no longer available it left us with 4 players with very similar grades. To save thinking we drew lots for board order.

Simon P drew board 1 and was tasked with a mammoth task against Graham, it was mostly defence and trying to find counterplay after the loss of a pawn. A bishop was pushed against him really pressuring, but Simon was able to push away to sole defender and picked up a free piece and from there the game. A surprise early win for Poole.

Eric was against Jorgen on board 2, it was an even game with Eric pushing hordes of pawns forward. There were attacks from both sides but it eventually came out level as a draw.

I was playing Steve and decides to just head towards the king and see what happens. Lots of pushing and shoving but a 3 hour draw.

Richie betrayed the plans and played a cowardly opening by dint of it not being Grobs. It is the last game of the season and we’re already relegated so why not. With some good attacking play it looked fairly even, but a pawn race started with Richie being slightly ahead and getting a queen and able to prevent the opposite pawn queening.

An excellent result for the team, but the kind of result we needed earlier in the season as we finish level bottom but dramatically behind on board difference. Well done and thanks to all the player’s that have helped out the team.

May 23, 2019