Poole C 2.5 – 1.5 Wimborne C

A good match with Wimborne visiting us. All boards were using increments which is a first for me. Was nice to have the comfort that if I’m in a fairly straightforward win position I should be able to convert it without time deciding it.

Time wasn’t an issue for Tim playing Alan. They had a very interesting position with both Queens en prise but it all seemed to negate out into a draw. Good to get a draw early, settles the nerves.

Adam played a faultless, albeit uneventful game against Stuart which let to rooks with a board full of pawns and nobody with any really advantage and an inevitable draw.

Simon’s game against Graham seemed to result in grid lock with the first pawns being captured hours into the evening. Graham was a pawn up but agreed a draw, perhaps due to the piece congestion, perhaps looking over at an interesting game on board 3 but unable to see the clock.

Unbeknownst to me, it seemed the result hung in the balance. It was an interesting position with a rather annoying black pawn stuck on d4 but white had a few interesting attacking strategies. When I finally got round to castling there was a strong attack with a few interesting lines, but I don’t think my opponent has the time in his clock to give them all the analysis they deserved. Unfortunately his knight got trapped and I was then able to convert the position once the sting had been taken out. Below in the trapped Knight.

Good match all round and good to see solid chess from the whole team. Well done, and thank you to Wimborne for coming down.

November 19, 2021