Poole C 2.5 – 1.5 Bournemouth C

Yes, it’s Groundhog Day again… another close win for Poole C last night, this time against Bournemouth C.

However, unlike previous matches this time Tim finished first, unfortunately losing after being in a perfectly even position. Perhaps it was a mistake to have Tim’s board in the dark corner … we should have turned on the disco lights after all. Tim, we prefer it when you take it all the way to the last 5 minutes!

Ellis’ match was the highlight of the night; first he won a pawn and forced his opponent not to be able to castle; next however he lost his queen for rook and piece. However, Ellis got three central passed pawns and it proved too much for his opponent.


Zander was next to finish having won the exchange and then deftly turning it into the win with a passed pawn.

2-1 to us.

I was in the fortunate position of having a slight edge and no danger to my position due to a lot of blocked pawns (except my usual danger of getting excited and blundering!). I tried to open up the kingside but my opponent defended well so happy to settle for a draw and the match for Poole at 2.5 to 1.5.

This leaves us still in 2nd place in the league, with all to play for in the last few games.

March 7, 2023