Poole Bishops 3-1 Poole Knights

On resumption of the Bacchus league for 19-20 season the Bishops produced a 3-1 win in an exciting match that could easily have gone either way.

It was great to see 7 Juniors playing plus the effervescent Paul Trowbridge.

Andre (Bishops) playing on Bd 1 had a winning position against Zac (Knights) but strong defence a little luck allowed Matthew to broadly equalise which took the game into a R + P endgame. Rooks were swapped off and with just one pawn left on the board it was not enough for Andre to gain the win. However it was a good game and both players fought very hard so a draw was fair.

Josh (Bishops) had an efficient game against Jonathon (Knights) and obtained an advantage through the middle game to win a piece and then forcing his opponent to drop his Q to avoid the mate. Despite a last ditch pawn drive Josh mated the undefended lonely K in the corner.

On Bd 3 Dylan (Bishops) had an overwhelming Q side advantage and position with Paul (Knights) hanging on by his finger nails. Dylan missed a deflected checking sequence and so Paul managed to wriggle out from a pretty hopeless position. Later on all material was level and a draw was agreed. More of a result for Paul than Dylan.

On Bd 4 Jack (Bishops) was facing losing at least one piece with a B and KN facing down on the unprotected F7 square & a knight under attack. However luckily for him Zac (Knights) mistimed the correct sequence of moves and managed to return a piece and so the game developed with even material. As Jack returned his composure his position improved and went on to win in style.

The overall score of 3-1 did not reflect the closeness of the games and match but with the return due on the 13/2, anything can happen.

Well done all 8 players for contributing to an enjoyable evening and onwards and upwards.

January 17, 2020