Poole B – Wimborne A 2-2

Poole B – Wimborne A  2-2


C Stanciu (169) – A Pleasants (183)  1-0

Sergio C (155) – I Clark (183)  0-1

J Weatherlake (140) – G Willets (170)  1-0

T Miller (149) – E Barker (160)  0-1


Poole B came to the match against the reigning champions feeling confident after the win against Wimborne B two weeks ago.

After the first hour, on all boards, white seemed to have the initiative, although this soon changed.

Toby and Sergio were first to finish, their strong positions were compromised by uncharacteristic errors which resulted in defeats.

So the team was 2-0 down when John, who was under pressure for the first half of his game, managed to fork his opponent’s Queen and Rook.  With a piece up, he was able to build and build until his opponent’s game collapsed.  John’s great start to the season with 3.5 points out of a possible 4 has attracted attention from the other clubs, all asking who he is!

We were now 1-2 down, when Ciprian refused a draw from his opponent, realising that a win was needed for the team to draw the match.  Mr Pleasants forced the win –  Ciprian defended well and managed to take a pawn in the end game, which resulted in the win.

After the initial dominance by the white pieces, it in fact ended with 4 wins for the black pieces in a rather unusual twist.

A good draw for Poole B against a team who out-graded us on every board.  Thanks everyone for playing.

We are now looking forward for the local derby on December 7th!


Ciprian Stanciu
November 18, 2017