Poole B v Wimborne B (2.5-1.5)

Poole B – Wimborne B  2.5-1.5


C Stanciu (169) – M Littleton (176)   0.5-0.5

Sergio C  (155) – P Wilcock (159)  1-0

T Miller (150) – S Appleby (153)  0-1

J Weatherlake (140) –  J Neilsen (142)  1-0


A very important game for Poole B against a team also battling relegation. We came prepared to win the match, especially after the recent frustrating loss against Southbourne B.

The first to finish his game was John, with a great win against our friend Jurgen, consolidating a great start of the season for himself and for the team with 2.5 points out of his first three games. A great addition to the club, John won his game taking advantage in the end game of the fact that he was a piece up.

Second to finish was Toby, his opponent put pressure during the whole match and managed to break Toby’s defence and level the score at 1 each.

Sergio played solid as always with white, not for a second showing any weakness, giving no chance to his opponent to make any offensive moves. A very impressive attack on the king side, Sergiu won and the score became 2-1 for us.

Ciprian played a bit defensively as always with black, putting himself in a tricky position with not much happening in his game. A sacrifice of a Rook for a Knight and a pawn, changed the position dramatically , with Ciprian taking the initiative and with less than three minutes left on both clocks a draw was decided. A good result for Ciprian and a great result for the team, who won the match 2.5-1.5

With a win, a draw and a loss in the first three games, Poole B are comfortable in the middle of the table.  We are looking forward to our next game against Wimborne A.

Thanks very much to all the players.


Ciprian Stanciu
November 5, 2017