Poole B tries to clinch the league

This report is ghost written due to the captain not being in a literate state.

Dave played the first 8 moves before getting issues with a misplaced king. It didn’t move to a bad square, it somehow started on d8. Richie was blamed. It was a struggle but Dave managed to take advantage of a queen king fork which ended the game early.

Meanwhile Richie saw trouble ahead so instead of backing out of it, sacrificed his queen for a rook and knight. Somehow such an asymmetric match turned into a draw. It’s worth noting this was another board with the black King on d8. Richie is working on new openings which is going well provided you use his new starting positions.

Official Poole System:

Sergiu had a even match with two rook endgame which everyone assumed was a draw. After much arguing in the bar it was established it was a win for Sergiu which won the match.

Dragi had a slow slog of a game and when the match result was beyond doubt was agreed a draw. A draw offered by Dragi – because nobody offers Dragi a draw.

Poole B 3 – 1 Southbourne B

Once the point was settled the bar erupted, Eric was due to lead the celebrations but unfortunately the AFC Bournemouth antics had taken all the gusto. That result should seal top spot for Poole B.

Thanks to Southbourne for the match, good to see younger players coming through, and well done to Dave and co who are still propping up the bar.

Also, in the football West Ham lost after an early red card (bringing down the last man) and Rangers won.

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May 5, 2022