Poole B – Southbourne B (2.5 – 1.5)

Poole B vs Southbourne B

J. Weatherlake vs A. Grzybicki   1-0

C. Stanciu vs B. Jenks   0.5-0.5

S. Calauz vs G. Sawicki   0-1

T. Miller vs L. Laker    1-0

Thursday evening saw four very close games that resulted in a win for Poole B, whose previous two matches had been defeats.  Toby, whose good form is continuing, was first to finish with a solid win against his opponent.  John proved that his 191 rating is close to reality with an excellent mid/end-game after a not-so-excellent opening.  He finished his game in style after he refused his opponent’s offer of a draw.  The score was 2-0 for us although this didn’t last long.  Sergiu got in a bit of trouble on board 3 against a very under-rated player, who is having a very good season, and this resulted in a defeat.  The last game to finish was Ciprian.  His opponent, Mr Jenks, had a very strong attack and, according to Mike, should have won the game.  Ciprian offered a draw earlier on in the game, which was refused.  His final offer of a draw, which was when his opponent was lacking on time (9 seconds left!), was accepted.

A great win for Poole B that will keep us in the top division for at least another season.

Thanks everyone for playing.



Ciprian Stanciu
April 9, 2018