Poole A – Wimborne A 3.5-0.5

Poole A – Wimborne A  3.5-0.5


M Duggan – I Clark  1-0

C Stanciu – E Barker  0.5-0.5

J Weatherlake – P Wilcock  1-0


A very good start of the night for Poole, as Wimborne’s fourth player didn’t show up. A bit disappointing for Richie who was eager to play, but to be honest I was happy about it as it eased up the pressure on us a bit.

The three games in play were very close, as expected. I was happy with my opening; I opened the G file and tried to build an attack on the king side. Eddie played a very nice tactic which forced the exchange of a couple of pieces, so slowly I realised that my initiative wasn’t taking me anywhere. Mike was equal, John was a pawn up, so I offered a draw. Eddie accepted it after long consideration.

The next to finish was John. According to Richie, John played one of his best games against Peter, bringing the point which gave us the overall win even before Mike finished his game.

It wasn’t the first game between Mike and Ian, and as always was a great battle. It is good to see Mike playing his best, and gaining his first win of the season. I’m sure many more to come.

Both teams enjoyed a pint downstairs after, and we will play each other again on 22nd of January.


Thanks everyone for playing.

I would like to wish all the chess players and their families in Dorset “Merry Christmas!”


Ciprian Stanciu
December 20, 2019