Poole A – Weymouth A 2-2 DL

Poole A – Weymouth A  2-2


M Duggan – A Pleasants  0.5-0.5

R Allis – A Furjel  1-0

J Weatherlake – G Searing  0-1

C Stanciu – R Burton  0.5-0.5


It was a must win game for us, to stay second and hope that Highcliffe will lose some points.

We were in the same formation which won away to Weymouth in December.

First to finish was Richard, with a very nice win against a strong opponent. 1-0 for us. John’s position looked good as always, boards 1 and 4 were equal; I was optimistic.

In a complicated position, Mike and Alan agreed a draw. John’s opponent manage to change the game with a nice tactic. He ended winning their game, even if John fought very hard. The score 1.5-1.5.

My game was looking good as I had my Queen and Rook against my opponent’s pair of Rooks and a very strong bishop. I thought I will win it, but it is never easy. He played very well, and he had some mate threats himself. Not finding a way of winning, and getting short on time, I accepted his draw offer. A bitter taste after the game, but it is what it is.

We were a bit disappointed after the game, but we can hope that Highcliffe will lose some points in their next meetings. Anything can happen as there are still three games to be played in the season.

Well done to Richard for his win and thanks to everyone for playing.




Ciprian Stanciu
February 16, 2020