Poole A 1.5 – 2.5 Poole B – 4/12/19

Against all odds our B team came out on top despite losing a game early on and went on to win in a gritty style to score their first points of the season.

Both teams are sitting at the bottom of the table and both needed to get something from the match. With little to choose from in the grades Adam kindly came in for his first game in the 1st Division for the A team. The B  team were at full strength for the 1st time this season.

So the match started with drama Bd 2, within 10 moves Richard secured his 1st win of the season with a stunning sacrifice and pressure on the David’s kings side who succumbed and the game was over. At this stage the odds were heavily weighted on an A team win – but we all know how quickly things can change.

Adam playing a tight game seemed to trading defence and attack from Toby playing in true Toby style opening up the K side flank and posing unorthodox threats all over the board – exciting stuff. However Adam missed a really neat tactic of missing N x P in the heat of his defence and if he recaptured with the Q he would fall for a knight fork of K and Q. The defence was not quite accurate enough and the advantage was capitalised on by increased pressure despite Adam trying to play some good counter attacking threats. Toby showed his experience by forcing exchanges, adding to his pawn advantage and went on to secure the win – well deserved. so 1-1.

Meanwhile on Bd 3 Sergiu looked like it was a return to form with an army of pawns and  pieces all over John’s position who was ducking the moves like a boxer on the ropes. He finally succumbed and dropped a piece and all was lost. 1-2 B team.

So it was all on Mike who had a good and slightly advantageous position against Captain Chip (the rock) who only needed a draw to win the overall match. Mike was a pawn ahead in an end game and threw all he had at Chip, went through the time control  and almost played out the to the final minutes when both players shook hands and accepted the draw.

Well done our B team and this win should provide some confidence in the coming months and for our A team, almost there tonight, but not quite.

The return in the first week in January will be equally tough.

Thanks to all for playing and especially Adam who stepped up to support the club.

December 6, 2019