Our Poole A team beat Wimborne B to win the League Title

In the Final match of the season Poole A came through a very difficult evening and reach the magic target of 2.5/1.5 to beat relegated Wimborne B to win the 1st Division League title for the second time in 4 years.

So the scene was set after a defeat just two days ago to Wimborne A and the pressure was on the team to deliver on the night. This was now or never or in other words….. moving on.

Wimborne B came into the game already relegated and with nothing to play for except taking points from Poole to assist their lead team to convert Monday night’s win into a title.

Having lost twice in the last 6 days the team had something to prove and how they did during the 4 matches played.

The matches started and no real advantage accrued in terms of openings and all seemed fairly even. The pressure built as the evening went on but on Bd 4 in the Dragi vs Jorgen match the position started to open and Dragi created a pressure on the black diagonal but had to sacc a Rook for Bishop to create great pressure on the C file. With a cunning tactic White (Dragi) forced a further exchange to break through and equalise the material. It looked like a draw at worst with just a Rook and minor piece each and into the end game. But one quiet move by Dragi moving his King on to the wrong square and bang Jorgen pinned it with his Bishop and game over. All that good play, evaporated and sometimes chess can be very cruel. 0-1 Wimborne. Dragi’s heartbeat was on maximum and not a time for pleasantries!

We then needed 2.5 points from the 3 remaining boards. Mike was ahead with tempo and dictating the position, Pete Wilcox found good defensive moves but was moving backwards.

Martin on Bd 1 previously wanted a draw – ugh. Not likely, we had to win, there were no other options.

Meanwhile on Bd 3 David playing Stephen Appleby had a fluid game but no real advantage and had to dodge some difficult pins and movement to keep going – it looked like a draw but we still needed to win.

The clock was ticking. 9 pm came 9.30 as the team were fighting for better positions in each board. Come 9.50 and Mike was breaking through but had to be very accurate as there were counter attacks. Attack, defence, attack, defence and then a break through. Peter already two pawns down tried to force and was offered the Q exchange with no other options so just resigned. 1-0.  Well done Mike and you can relax now.

The match was now 1-1 and very soon afterwards David and Stephen agreed a draw so 1.5/1.5. Well done David in fighting so hard to gain the draw.

All on Martin  now vs Mark Littleton and a win here would turn around the match and get us the points were so dearly craved.

The position became open and Martin had the temp but had to be very careful on his back row as there were counter attacks. Easy when you are watching, but not on nights like these. Bang bang, and Martin had opened up the defences to find a winning line through but still had to counter another valiant attempt by Mark. It was Ok for Martin as he found suitable defence and Mark resigned.

So 0-1 became 1-1 which became 1.5/1.5 which finally in the last moments of the last match in the Final game became 2.5/1.5 to give our Poole A the 1st Division League title.

Thank you Wimborne B in making it a great contest and were arguably unlucky on the night but eventually succumbed of the desire and will of the home team.

Congratulations to all our Poole players Martin Machatek, Mike Duggan, David Fuller, Dragi Popovic and last but not least Oscar Garcia who have all contributed so much to this success. A roller coaster of a season where we had a lead up to Xmas and then went on a journey of ups and downs but had the guile and class to come though.

Celebrations to follow!




May 17, 2018