New Season – Teams and Fixtures

Welcome to a new season at Poole Chess Club, the fixtures are now released and the first match is on Monday 3rd October.

The fixtures are available here:

You can select Club->Poole from the drop down for all Poole matches, or Team->and then your team.

The team captains and teams are listed below, your captain should be in touch shortly trying to establish which matches people are and aren’t available for. It would help them out if you could identify any problematic fixtures now so any fixtures that need changing can be done before the games start. If you have any concerns with the teams or fixtures then please get in touch:

Poole A – Division 1 – David F – First match: Poole B (Home?!) 3rd Oct

Poole B – Division 1 – Chip – First match: Poole A (Away?!) 3rd Oct

Poole C – Division 3 – Tarik – First match: Wimborne D (Home) 17th Oct

Poole D – Division 4 – Joe – First match: Wimborne E (Home) 3rd Oct

Poole E – Division 5 – Steve – First match: Bournemouth E (Home) 10th Oct

Poole Bishops – Bacchus – Tarik – First match: TBA

There is scope for new players to join the Bacchus league (or wherever appropriate) and players to move up a division as needed or as they improve. The players in the next division down are considered reserves for the one above.

Dorset league fixtures are still pending, and everyone is eligible to play for either team. The Dorset league division 3 team is based on a grade average for the entire team for that match, so can have an even team or grades wildly different.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable season, there will be reminders and short updates on the WhatsApp group which all members are welcome and encouraged to join/leave/mute, match reports should appear on this site after matches are complete, the LMS (see link above) has all the fixtures, is the first place the results are put for all matches, and has all the league tables.

September 20, 2022