New Milton 1.5 – 2.5 Poole C

Following the previous match a couple of weeks ago where Poole managed to eek out a win, we were now on their patch and they were out for blood.

It was the same teams for this match and John Beasant was up against Mike R again on board 4 and after analyzing the previous match felt he missed a win by taking the wrong pawn. This time round he managed to get a Knight camped out deep in Mike’s territory and had some momentum, but a draw was agreed. It seems it’s a similar predicament where the continuation showed a win for John. Either way, one game played and the scores are still all level.

0.5 – 0.5

Simon F was playing against a very sold John Belinger again as you, the avid reader of all the match reports, will remember from the last match. John wasn’t in the mood to make mistakes and despite trying to force things on the Queen side Simon was unable to get through, so with the positions level another draw was agreed.

So far, an exact duplicate of the previous match.

1 – 1

Next to finish was moi. Je…..Sorry, I’ve ran out of French. Simon Bown was back at the board for vengeance but this time with the white pieces, after a Queen’s gambit he threatened Black’s Queen with his Bishop. After a sly check to by some time Simon blocked with a Knight, the problem being that the Knight blocked in the Bishop leaving it no safe retreat. The best it could manage was a protected square allowing an exchange for a Knight but more importantly leaving the castled King with the g pawn off its post and gallivanting around. Pins and pressure abound, and a bit of counter play for White, but after things swapped down there was a two pawn advantage and Simon graciously accepted defeat rather than drawing things out.

1 – 2 (in Poole C’s favour)

We can’t lose now, and Simon appears to be a pawn up with opposite coloured Bishops. His position looks quite good but a draw is soon the outcome as his opponent takes advantage of a few key squares for a perpetual check. Simon was frustrated that he couldn’t convert it to a win, but the team is more than happy as it seals the win for the team. If everything was down to that game then we’d be equally frustrated.

1.5 – 2.5 – victory for Poole C

Well done team, an excellent result at a very swanky venue. Many thanks to New Milton who have been very gracious hosts and are always a pleasure to play.

The table looks like we’re up to joint second! (Oh Simon P! We’d be clear second on board difference if one of the draws was a win! Hehe, sorry, couldn’t resist) Good work all and lets see if we can keep the momentum going against the other teams!

January 23, 2018