New January grades just released

All chess players live an die by their grades – rubbish or true?

We are happy and sad but rest assured, life goes on, we can still breathe/ she or he is still talking to me so tomorrow is another day! Stay easy my friends!

It should have been higher/it is just not right/ how on earth did they work that out/this is really great. Judge for yourself.

Have a look at yours on www.ecf radingdatababase/findclubs/Poole..

Well done Jamie with a dramatic jump from 85 to 126 and yes, it will get tougher and Richie who is steadily climbing the ranks and of course to our Tigran Petrosian – Chip who is holding off all top boards in both Bournemouth and Dorset Leagues.

Just to remind captains we continue to use the August 2019 grades for all league and club matches with the exception of 2 estimated grade revisions issued yesterday.

Remember, there’s always another game tomorrow or next week!

At the time of writing our C, D and E teams are top of Divisions 3, 4 and 5 respectively.

In the next few weeks a chess clinic is being arranged by John and Tony Prichard, watch this space for a date.

Happy chessing in 2020….




January 31, 2020