Move on up

Poole D took on the might of the current league leaders, Southbourne C. With our two highest grades not being available we called upon the services of the ever reliable Krzysztof and after much searching for a fourth, the club stalwart Graham Morris filled our number 4 slot. To say the least we were outpointed on every board and Southbourne were looking to extend their lead. Board 1 Adam came up with a quick draw, ensuring that we would not have an ignominious defeat. Eventually Graham drew his match on board 4, but John Harris on 3 waited for a long time to see what would happen in my match before he agreed a draw with Krzsyztof. His assessment of me losing was looking correct as I was two pawns down and fading, but that old devil ‘time’ reared it’s head and caused mistakes to happen, my opponent forced an exchange of queens but it left me with a chance, and the clock dealt the final blow. We won 2.5 to 1.5 and are now second in the league, one point behind Southbourne and all to play for. Thx to all

Michael Rutter
April 26, 2019