March has been a successful month for all our teams with a score record of 7 wins, 2 draws and just one defeat in all 10 matches played in the 3 leagues – (BDCL – Dorset League – Bacchus League). Long may it continue and with the season coming into the final hurdles we are doing very well in 5 different leagues! Our balance of 6 teams in the BDCL & DL seems to be more effective, comfortable with more players available than in the 19/20 and 20/21 seasons (pre Covid). Well done all.

This Thursday – 31/3, our Bacchus league team of our 3 kids plus Steve take on Bournemouth and a win will help us towards retaining top place in the division. Also, on the same night our Dorset league A team are away at Weymouth who are 2nd in this league so this is a crucial game.

On Friday 1st April our B team are away at Southbourne and looking to consolidate the no 1 spot in the league. Good luck to all and another busy week.

I am mentioning this overview as captains do not always have the time to report individual reports every match ( they do well bringing the teams together) and its good for all to be aware of the wider view of teams results within the club.

All the specific information is on LMS (red button) at the top of the www.dorset chess for all to see where you can view all from not only our own club but across Dorset Chess.

At the time of writing our 4NCL team of Chip/John/Mike/Martin M/Dragi/Richie have just completed their 3rd round of competition at Milton Keynes and and I am sure John will churn out some wise words in his report in the next few days.


Intermediate section

Andy beat Tim in a very close match to reach the final. He is waiting on the result of the other semi final between Simon & Kyrzstoff which will be played this Thursday. Well done Andy in reaching the Final in your 1st season at the club and commiseration to Tim.

Minor Section

Zander beat Joe & Tony beat Leo so the Final is Zander vs Tony – well done both in your 1st year at the club. Certainly a year for the new members!

Major Section

John vs Mike – waiting on replay of 1st match

Dragi vs Richie – waiting on this result

Chip and Martin have progressed to the semi final.


As some of you are aware there have been issues at the club recently which we have done all to try and resolve. However, it seems there has been a change of management style and approach to our chess club unfortunately, & as a result we are looking for an alternative venue for our club.

In the meantime can I ask all members to ensureĀ  the chess room is left exactly as we find it with the windows closed/ heaters turned off and tables and chairs stacked every Thursday night. All members are requested to help with this as the management are being extremely stringent with all.

I have sent team captains details of the some of the issues which I cannot detail here however if any member wishes some more information please contact me.

The most important point is our club should remain welcome & open to all our guests/visitors/teams and any social members to ensure we retain the friendly arm of friendship to all chess players. This will always be our motto at Poole!

See you over the boards and keep chessing!

March 28, 2022