Latest news from Poole chess club

As I am writing our Dorset League A team are taking the boards against Weymouth in darkest Dorset. We have sent a strong team of Martin, Mike, John and Captain Chip and they will give their best come win, draw or lose.

On Thursday night ourĀ  Poole Bishops team are playing in the 2nd Bacchus League match vs Bournemouth. We are fielding a complete Junior team of Josh/Felix/Jack and Teo making his debut for the club. All these juniors are years 8 to 9 – aged 13/14 years . They drew the first match 2-2 with Wimborne so this is a decent chance to record a good score. Special thanks to Steve Bailey for standing down to allow newcomer Teo to play.

Both Mike Duggan and John Weatherlake played their first 4NCL matches over the weekend, this is first time Poole have been represented at this level.

4NCL (National Chess League) is played accross the Uk and with standards that go from an average of 150 to several GM’s/Im’s and FM’s. Winners of the top division play against the best teams in Europe similar to the European Champions League in football.

Mike and John represented the Wessex A team which were promoted from the Division 3 to Division 2 last season of the Southern Section. There are 8 boards in each match and 2 games are played over 2 days each weekend. There are 5 separate weekend between November and May 2019. The venue this season is at the Mercure Hotel in Daventry in the Midlands.

If you would like to know more or look at individual scores please look at which provides all information.

Finally a reminder that all fixtures/results of leagues, players, teams, players stats are all on LMS (League Management System) which is the red button you see at the top of the page when you access www.dorsetchess .

Good luck to our teams this week and enjoy your chess.


November 12, 2018