Junior Poole Bishops move on and upwards


For the 2nd match this term our Poole Bishops fielded a complete Junior team, with average age of 14  and the opposition were Highcliffe currently at the top the Bacchus League.

Before you could say watch this space Felix playing on Bd 2 had swamped the opposing position and the boys were leading 1-0. Think this took 35 minutes, sorry Rachel.

On Bd 1 Josh playing Roger Howell had a winning position with a pawn sitting on the 7th rank, pieces scattered all over the board and at least a piece ahead put his opponent to the sword and it was 2-0. One hour had passed.

Meanwhile on Bd 4 it was a different story and David (Pawley) Highcliffe played a solid game and introduced a tactic which Jack (Poole) had missed and this was enough for David to gain a good win. 2-1, 8.45 pm.

So Poole only needed a draw but Teo on Bd 3 had a good position against Mike Tew and was commanding all but needed to be a little cautious on the back rank. No worries, a quiet move was not enough in a tenuous position, pieces were exchanged and Mike knew the end was imminent.

3-1 Final score, match over by 9.05 so Mums/Dads were happy as they could go home and tuck the boys in and we could reflect on the evening over a quiet nightcap!

Thanks to Highcliffe for playing and making it an enjoyable evening and sure they will have better results over the boards!

Young guns
Jack Bokic/Teo Borsa/Felix Wyatt /Josh Leggatt.

Onwards and Upwards

December 7, 2018