Junior Night This Thursday 5/7/18

A reminder to all club members we have an Open Junior evening this Thursday which will be in the Reception room (Ground Floor) starting at 7.15pm.

The purpose of the evening is to open the club to active junior chess players who either play at their school clubs or attend other local junior chess sessions.

It is hoped we can encourage some to join a new Junior section at the club and join in next season’s newly formed Bacchus League.

It is estimated we may from 10-15 Juniors attending and we plan to have a one off match between a club member and each junior over say 30 minute each with possibly a little individual tuition if time permits. In the 2nd part of the evening we plan to have a ‘Brain and Hand’ game with teams of a member and a junior, which is good fun and is a form of doubles.

I  think this is a ‘First’ of its kind  in terms of having an open  Juniors event to the club so I hope you will come along and support the evening which I am sure will be a fun and enjoyable evening.

July 1, 2018