Hiru/Sandu Farewell marked by Blitz event – 25/5/17

14 Club members turned up to wish Hiru and Sandu farewell as they are going to Sri Lanka to complete their studies having completed 3 years at the University.

A 10 minute Blitz competition was organised by yours truly.to mark the evening over the boards were 4 rounds of chess was played by all 14 players.

This was a fun event and all that played enjoyed it as the games were played on grading differences vs time. The most extreme example was Chip having to win in 1 min 30 sec Steve Bailey 18.5 to complete his moves – he did!

Winning scores were

Oscar 4/4 and Richie with 4/4… grading difference of 108! Think Richie won on countback. Congratulations to both and all club members that came along to support the event.
Other good scores were Hru 3/4 and Tarik 2.5/4.

Your erstwhile Chairman made a speech thanking Hiru/Sandu for their valuable contribution to the club over three years and wished them well and good luck for the future. They were presented with 2 shields and a leaving card which all members signed.

May 27, 2017