Highcliffe C, 2-2 Poole D in the 1st match of the season

Our D team gained a creditable draw at Highcliffe as the season started with a bang.

Joe captaining for the 1st time did a grand job organising and bringing the team together and the team responded a hard earned point.

As a fan from the terraces I felt a little like ‘Billy no mates’ watching a fixture from behind closed doors as the Highcliffe A team were playing at Ringwood and only Ron Salinger and Paul Kemp were around. No matter, the chess was absorbing and could have gone either way even until the very end when Kzyrzstof honourably offered a draw to Susan when she only had 2/3 minutes left on the clock. Great sportsmanship K and from the team, a credit.

These were Joe’s post match comments from LMS.


Thank you to Highcliffe for hosting our opening fixture.

On bd 3, Roger’s attack proved too strong and I resigned on move 24. Well played Roger, much deserved win.

Next, saw Tony  making his debut in OTB chess against Dan on Bd 4. A mobile bishop pair vs a Knight won the match for Tony. Well done to both.

Bd 1 and 2 saw Highcliffe with a 300 point grading advantage. Mike on Bd 2 gave away a winning position and both players agreed a well fought out draw.

Kzrzstof  kindly offered Sue a draw when she had a couple of minutes left on the clock which she gratefully accepted. A complicated position thoughout but a draw being a fair result.

2-2 on the night, well done Highcliffe.


Onwards and upwards a good start and enjoyable night for all.

October 14, 2021